A Word By The Manager

 “Our most valuable seeds are our children.”

This maxim has always been the source of my inspiration and my motivation, as well as the love I have always had for kids. Because of that, after obtaining my Baccalaureate (GCE), I registered at the University of Yaounde I in Psychology. Subsequently, I continued my training at the Teacher Training College where I graduated with a CAPIEMP. This training allows me to work as a teacher for almost 8 years.

At La Rochelle Bilingual School Group, I’m the Manager and I really love my job. After several years of observation in this school, we can say that a lot of children do not always reflect their true level; this is due to troubles of different types:

These observed factors have a visible impact on the performance of the students, who are facing these difficulties and, of course, it affects their school results. Faced with this situation, I decided to set up an association called TOFER (TOFFEE for a successful education). It is about a psychogical and pedagogic supervision of destabilized children in order to coach them and lead them, through specific methods, to bring out the best of themselves despite the difficulties.
We also found out that many children after class, are left on their own and are not followed at home. To mitigate this situation, we have set up a post-school supervision. In other words, we help students to improve their level through tutoring; we accompany them to do their homework in class. And finally, still in the aim of accompanying our students, I offer school coaching to primary school children.
Dear parents, enrolling your children in La Rochelle Bilingual School Complex is an excellent choice for their future as we deploy all the strategies to guarantee their success at the end. Thank you for your trust !!


Mrs FOWA AUDREY, Teacher.
Manager of the BPNS La Rochelle.