Dear Parents,

Education is for the childhood what water is for a plant; and as such, its value is priceless. It is during the year 2004 that I first had the idea of setting up a social and academic institution for the training and the education of young children. This idea was motivated by two things:

  • I was first motivated by a strong need to teach differently; because after more than 25 years of experience in the field of education, I noticed that, over the years, there was a fast growing demand for basic education. A demand that was no longer possible to meet with only public schools. This was resulting in classrooms being crowded with a plethora of students, thus affecting of the quality of teaching.
  • I was also motivated by the conviction that “being a teacher was not only a profession for me, but more of, and above all, a vocation“. I therefore felt that I had a mission, that was going far beyond the teaching of these young children.

After many long reflections, I decided to request for an early retirement from the public service at the end of 2004 in order to have enough time and leeway to fully devote myself to the project that was very dear to me; that of creating a social academic institution, in order not only to educate differently, but also to transmit to young educators new precepts and methods; the results of my 25 years of experience in the profession.

On September 15, 2005, the Nursery and Bilingual Primary School Complex La Rochelle was born as one of the first private Basic Education institutions in the Nsimeyong neighborhood, more precisely at the place called “Maison Rose Damase“. This date would mark the beginning of a tough adventure, filled with turbulence and challenges.

Still with the objective of making the Bilingual School Complex La Rochelle a school of reference, with a unique educational system, I decided to go for an internship at the kindergarten and primary school of the Lycée Français of Düsseldorf (Germany), with the aim of improving the teaching methods and administrative management of a Basic School Education Institution. At the end of this rich experience, I had learned new methods of reading and teaching (learning to read by the method of gesture); I also learned management and administration methods that I had to implement immediately in my school by training my teachers to it.

Therefore, after more than 25 years at the service of the State, and 15 years at the service of my school La Rochelle, we have never hesitated in putting in place all the means possible to improve on the quality of the prescribed education over the years. Our excellent end-of-year results are the tangible proof of this strong experience and that of our constant effort.

Today, we are one of the few if not the only school that is able to claim success rates of more than 90%. At Bilingual School Group La Rochelle, we provide rigorous education for a guaranteed success. And that is what makes us a reference institution in the field of basic education in Cameroon.

Thus, I invite you, dear parents, to visit us out of curiosity and I guarantee you that you will come back by conviction and satisfaction. Because at the Bilingual School Complex La Rochelle, The education of your children is not just a job for us, but has become a vocation over the years.


                                                                                 TOFFEE Bernadette Epse BOPDA,
Senior teacher of exceptional Excellence.